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Virtual Exhibition



Do you believe academic education is grounds for professional success and a door-opener?

Would you like to study in Romania? Are you passionate and proactive about your personal and professional growth? Do you need premium access to mentorship and vocational orientation with experts in your field of study?

Are you looking for a cross-cultural, immersive academic experience that can harness your future career in leading companies across several industries? Welcome to the first virtual exhibition exclusively dedicated to universities and educators in Romania! Ready to receive free-of-cost information and mentorship? Here you find the experts of tomorrow. Join now and let’s talk future!

  • Become part of the experience!

What’s in for you?

We bring together the best academic programs from Romanian universities and educators in a single digital unit! An interactive and remotely accessible, socially safe networking space, where you can virtually access and connect with representatives from your future university, scholarship, training program, or employer! 

We grant you access to the optimal academic programs for your field of interest, to internships and scholarships opportunities, while carefully guiding you throughout your experience, so that you can manifest the successful future you’re projecting today!

We strongly support Romanian academic education and we encourage youths to study here!


Educational offers


Accessible from anywhere


Vocational counseling


Internships and scholarships

Educational Programs

Discover our programs and facilities for future students, at the confluence of:

Romanian universities, post-grad programs and short-term courses
Partners who support education and facilitate scholarships, internships, cultural exchanges, as well as student housing.
Training and personal development programs
Private training and mentorship programs for continued education.

Meaningful networking and learning benefits

  • Free access via email subscription
  • Access to all informative materials in the same space
  • The best way to discover and learn about the study opportunities in your field and further academic and career choices
  • Open access to modern academic programs all across Romania, adapted to current business requirements
  • Study in Romanian or in your mother tongue
  • Access academic programs from abroad and study in Romania as an expat student
  • Direct communication with the institutions’ representatives
  • Admission and scholarships information
  • A chance to connect with speakers and mentors from your field of interest, with direct feedback towards your future studies/career
  • Webinars

Presented by specialists in lead industries

  • Trainings and workshops

For you to develop the comprehensive and hands-on skill-set required in both academia and in professional environments.


  • An education fair is a great opportunity to connect with students and future students from all across the nation
  • Romania has one of the best Internet infrastructures in Europe
  • 93% of high school students want to further their education into academia
  • 73.8% of Romanians are Internet users, while 70% use mobile Internet
  • Future students can directly connect with institutions to learn in depth about their academic options
  • Around 30% of students drop out of studying abroad after the first year and continue their education locally
  • In 2019, Romania had 19.4 million inhabitants, with 500.000 high school students and 350.000 students who are currently exploring further options for education through universities, masters, post-grad courses, professional and personal development courses, summer schools and scholarships.
  • Direct contact with a dynamic population of youths who represent the upcoming local workforce
  • An eco-friendly event, where all promo materials are digital and versatile
  • Unlimited attendance capacity, in complete safety Real-time, live meetings, with a great number of visitors Unlimited opportunities for producing seminars and conferences (up to 350 attendees)
  • Statistics, resources and database access in real time Reliable and safe data collection
  • Several types of customized content and several avenues to embed it (video, live meetings, live podcasting, chat rooms, presentations etc)
  • High visibility for partners and the opportunity to target the information very specifically
  • Avenues for harnessing direct training, recruiting and talent scouting


About us

We’ve created the only virtual exhibition exclusively dedicated to universities and educators in Romania!

We collaborate exclusively with local universities and education institutions.

Our first event appealed greatly to the population of students across the country, who are eager to discover in depth the opportunities Romanian academia offers, in an effort to align with international education institutions. The first edition of our event happened between 25 and 27 July 2020.

As of now, the platform remains open for exploration and interaction.

 We strongly support Romanian academic education and we encourage youths to study here!

The synergetic exchange brought about by human 3D interaction cannot ever be replaced or compared. But that’s not what we want. Instead, we are navigating the new social norms and safety regulations with the aim to create a different, and meaningful networking and learning experience. We came up with the first virtual education fair with academic programmes in Romania. And we are grateful and surprised to see the plenty of avenues it opens for universities, future students, and partners alike.
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